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This book is supposed to be just a wake-up call for both our country and countrymen as both are in various ways responsible for the present deterioration in traffic. The various aspects of road related problems in this book have been discussed in a rational and scientific way, touched with bindaas, forthright approach, some philosophy and a tinge of humour. This is not a road manual or a guideline for the road traffic. On the contrary, it is an honest and unbiased attempt to discuss whatever has been happening on our roads at present. No doubt, accidents are the most important aspect of traffic related problems, but the problem goes much beyond the phenomenon of accidents. Now the traffic hazards are no more confined to road accidents only, instead there are other problems that have been increasing at an alarming speed like traffic congestion, environmental pollution, road rage, etc and we cannot ignore these any more now. Traffic related hazards are now more or less a global phenomenon, affecting significantly all countries irrespective of the fact whether it is a developed or developing or underdeveloped country.
I am not a writer by profession and this book has not been written for business motive. It is a part of my endeavor to initiate some serious measures to solve the alarming situation of our traffic related hazards in India. For the last many years I have been observing tremendous deterioration in Indian traffic conditions and especially during last few years the deterioration has been so rapid that it has started distracting our attention and affecting our daily routine seriously. I believe many other socially conscious citizens must also be thinking in the same manner. As for me, I could not confine myself to ‘thinking business’ only but took one step forward to express my ideas and feelings in writing.
Though I belong to the medical profession, in this matter, I have explored this subject not as a medical professional but as a common citizen. I strongly believe in a logical and reason-based analysis of every problem I am faced with. I have tried to analyze this problem from almost every angle be it commuter on the road [pedestrian, cyclist or motorized vehicle owners] or government authorities who regulate it, provide road infrastructure, health care for accident victims, etc. A large portion of this book has been devoted to present alarming situation of traffic congestion and there are separate two chapters for ‘How to decongest the cities’ and about the futuristic town planning.
My criticism may not be to the liking of persons of concerned fields and departments. But here I have tried my best to remain honest in criticizing them. I believe that unless we are honest in analyzing the problem, we cannot find a proper solution to it. My sole purpose here is to make the public and authorities sensitive about it, so that all of us start thinking seriously about this problem. The suggestions in my book do not claim to be the best ones as there could be other better and more effective ways to tackle this problem. I have been actuated by best intentions to extend help as a modest and responsible citizen of India. I am confident that this book will fulfil my hope, concern and aspirations to improve the traffic related problems in India
The book has been edited by Mr Pradeep Vijayakar who is the assistant editor of ‘The Times of India’, Mumbai and president of the Mumbai Press Club. Mr. R K Laxman, the noted cartoonist, has designed the cover page and provided his cartoons for this book.
I believe this book will help the people to understand traffic related problems in a better way and will bring about changes in their attitude towards the human lives on the road and awareness towards the road manners or traffic etiquettes.
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