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Dr. Sanjay Kulshrestha is a Senior Consultant Pediatric and Neonatal Surgeon working at Agra since 1991. He was the first to start a pediatric surgery unit and performed first successful operation of some major problems, like absent food pipe or separation of conjoint twins, etc. in this region. He has published several articles in reputed international journals. He has introduced four original operative techniques for the management of male as well as female anorectal malformations that have been acknowledged internationally. He has also presented his original work in various international conferences in France, Portugal and Ireland. Congenital Anomalies are more common in the poor class. Unfortunately, facilities of pediatric surgery are not available in the Agra region in any of the government hospitals. To help poor persons he has established a society called ‘Society against Birth Defects in Children’ which is working in this region for the treatment of poor babies born with some birth defects for the last 12 years. Along with senior obstetricians of this region, he is also actively involved in a project to find out the cost effective antenatal screening programme for diagnosing and managing birth defects in high risk pregnant women.
Dr. Sanjay and his wife Dr. Meeta are deeply concerned with the present environmental problems and believe that every one of us can play a role at an individual level to improve our environment. In their new house, they have designed a different kind of domestic water harvesting for reusing the domestic waste water for kitchen garden and the lawns. Besides, they have also installed a modified rainwater harvesting system that requires less cleaning and can store more water in case of heavy rains. They are using the solar energy for hot water and garden lights.
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